Small World Inc.

We offer the following types of domestic adoption:
  • Open
  • Semi-open

We facilitate:
  • Domestic
  • International
  • Kinship/Relative

Small World provides an expectant mother program designed to meet her needs and give her a safe environment in which to choose an adoption placement for her child without being judged or ignored. 

Adoption is a choice that we will help each expectant mother explore. The loving choice of adoption gives the baby a future that benefits both mother and baby. We have many loving Christian families that are capable and just waiting for the opportunity to give a child a loving home and the stability he or she needs. Our professional Social Workers have investigated, inspected and trained couples who have waited for years in most cases to adopt a child.

Before, during, and after the adoption, Small World's professional counselors are available to help work through the decision-making process and the emotions along the way.

Small World Inc. is a non-profit, public benefit charity with our offices in Tennessee and Missouri, which was established and continues as a response to James 1:27 by finding Christian parents for orphans through adoption, thus making them orphans no more.  Our programs include domestic and international adoption, humanitarian aid projects around the world, and pro-life education.  Small World is always looking for Christian couples to partner with in acheiving this goal.  Without adoptive families, we can't acheive God's will for Small World to save children from being orphaned.


Small World Inc.

P.O. Box 1109
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Phone: 615-754-6540
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