A Loving Option Adoption

We offer the following types of domestic adoption:
  • Open
  • Semi-open
  • Closed

We facilitate:
  • Domestic

A Loving Option Adoption is a licensed child placing agency based in the state of Tennessee. With a foundation rooted in Christian values, we passionately advocate for both birth parents and adoptive families, ensuring that every step of the adoption process is characterized by compassion, integrity, and respect. Our mission is to support birth parents as they navigate the challenging decision-making process, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment along the way. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing adoptive families with empathetic support and professionalism as they embark on their journey toward parenthood.

Birth Parent Services are free and confidential and include a dedicated birth parent specialist to help meet your needs.

  •      Emotional Support
  •     Options Counseling
  •     Help with Expenses & Stabilization
  •     Connection to Resources
  •     Education

Adoptive Parent Services include:

  •      Home Study Writing & Addendums
  •     Matching & Placement Services
  •     Post-Placement Services
  •        Listing Services

We believe every child deserves a loving and stable home and are committed to helping all members of the adoption triad. Please contact us with further questions. 


A Loving Option Adoption

119 Dameron Ave.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Phone: 865-684-1894
Email: adoption@ccetn.org
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