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Lutheran Family Service provides services to any pregnant woman in Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Central Illinois through our Many Hearts Unplanned Pregnancy Support program. Pregnancy care includes assisting women to be prepared to parent through training and locating resources available from LFS and in their community. We will come to the woman, so transportation does not become an issue. We assist in support applications, help locating a job, transportation to doctor's appointments, referrals for housing, and counseling to help her in deciding for parenting or adoption.  We offer Bright Courses to assist her in preparing to parent.

Lutheran Family Service will assist couples who desire to adopt who are active in a Christian congregation, one man and one woman, married for at least three years, and can meet the state's requirements for a home study. We provide mainly infant adoption services. We are licensed to do so in NE, IA, IL and SD. Occasionally we will work with older children, but it is very limited. Lutheran Family Service also offers embryo adoption services. 

Lutheran Family Service is a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Churhc Missouri Synod. 


Lutheran Family Service

9430 Himebaugh Circle
Omaha, Nebraska

Phone: 402-644-8048
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